XML File Extension: How to Open XML File

What is XML File?

An XML file, known as the Extensible Markup Language File used to structure the data for storage and transport. In an XML file, both tags and text get embedded. The tags give the structure to the data, whereas the tags surround the text you wish to store. XML file is the standard text file that utilizes the customized tags to explain the document’s structure and how it should get store and transport.

xml file

An XML file is a markup language that says XML is a computer language that uses tags to explain the components of the file.

Methods to open XML File

Method 1: By Using Text Editor

  • Find XML file you wish to Open:

XML files get encoded in the Plaintext, so you can open the dll file in any text editor and will then able to read it.

  • Right-click on the XML file and then select “Open With”:

It will show the list of programs to open the file.

  • Then select “Notepad” or “TextEdit.”:

These are the pre-installed text editors for each operating system, and they should already display on the list.

  • If they do not display on the list, you need to search for them. Applications like Text Editor can easily found in the Application folder.
  • You can then use more advanced code editors such as Notepad++ or TextMate to be useful for Syntax highlighting and more advanced editing. Now you can see all the information by using a simple text editor.

  • Interpret text on the screen:

Your XML file will open in the text editor. The complexity of the file depends on what the file gets created. Use tag labels to search for the information for which you were looking.

  • You likely see the XML version at the top. It would indicate the following content in the XML format.
  • XML uses the custom tags to house the pieces of data. Each tag gets created for whatever application uses it, so there is no common syntax to the markup labels.
  • Tags can get nested inside the other tags creating a tree.
xml files

Method 2: By Using Web Browser:

  • Firstly, find the XML file you wish to Open:

While any basic text editor can open an XML file, opening bin file in window makes it a little easier to search. Most browsers automatically indent the nested tags and permit you to collapse every section of the XML tree.

  • Right-click on the file and then select the “Open With” option:

It will let you select the application you wish to use to open the file.

  • Select the Web Browser from the list of application:

You can open the XML file in the web browser. Often the web browser already lies on the list of suggested applications. If it’s not, then you need to browse for your PC.

  • Read XML file in Web Browser:

The XML file gets open on the new page in the web browser. All contents get displayed, and the web browser gets automatically indent nested tags. It makes the process easier to tell which data belongs to which set.

  • Expand or minimize the sections for easier reading:

The biggest advantage of using a web browser to need the XML files is controlling what you would see. Click on the arrows buttons or the +/- button next to each section to expand the section or minimize the section.

Method 3: By Using Excel:

  • Firstly, open Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel won’t generally pop up as the suggested application, so the quickest method to open the file is to open Microsoft Excel.

  • Microsoft Excel converts an XML file into the table, which would be useful for visually processing the data.
  • Click on the “File” button and then select the “Open” button:

It would show the Open menu.

  • Click on the Browse button:

On-clicking would let you look for the files on the PC.

  • Open XML File on PC:

You should browse the file and see it by default, but if you can’t, click on the Type menu and then select XML Files.

  • Select the option “As an XML table”:

It will convert the XML file to an Excel table.

  • Generally, you will get informed that the XML file does not refer to the schema. Click on the OK button to have the Excel construct one for the one you based on the tags present in the file.
  • Read XML File:

Your XML file will get organized into the table based on the structure of the tag. You can then use Excel’s sorting and filtering tools to customize the table from here.

  • You may have difficulties rendering complex XML files as the tables. If the XML files have lots of nested tags, you should wish to use the XML Viewer.
open xml file

Method 4: By Using XML Viewer

  1. Firstly, download the XML viewer Program:

When you deal with lots of XML files, you can wish to get the viewer or the XML editor. This performance can handle the complex bak files much easier.

  • Various programs fit different needs. If you wish to create many XML files, you may wish for a professional XML editor. It permits you to automate and collaborate on large XML projects.
  • Open XML file in the new application:

Many XML applications set themselves as the default application for the XML files; it permits you to make double-click the file to open it. If you cannot, then right-click on the XML file and then select the “Open With” button. Then browse the newly installed application.

  • Read the XML File:

Applications such as XML Explorer will permit you to collapse the sections and turn the Syntax highlighting on and off. More advanced applications permit you to make the edits and create additional entries.

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